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Smalis Radial Stacker Conveyors and Portable Radial Stackers

Radial Stacker Conveyor / Portable Radial Stackers

No matter what your requirements are from moving coal, aggregates, mulch, grain, scrap metal, or virtually any bulk material, Smalis provides rugged, high-quality, affordable radial stackers and portable radial stackers to fit your needs and reduce your production costs. Smalis radial stackers can be custom-built with virtually any configuration of components or options you may require.

Custom Painting

Smalis is your custom-painting specialist! We offer painting services with several high performance coatings, for all environments: Epoxy, Marine, Chemical Resistance, Galvanizing, and Stainless Steel. We can give your radial stacker any finish or color you may choose.

Radial Stacker with Power TravelBin Feeding Radial Stacker ConveyorInline Feed Conveyor with Radial Stacker
Large Swiveling Load Hopper with Radial StackerRadial Stacker for Mulch with Power Travel
  • 24”, 36”, 42”, and 48” deep trusses
  • Lagged head pulley 3/8 Herring Bone
  • Wing tail pulley
  • Pillow block bearings
  • 18” screw or telescoping take-up 
  • TEFC electric motor – 3 phase 230/460v, hydraulic, or gas as options
  • Shaft mount gear box complete with sheaves, bushings and v-belts
  • Cema B 4” diameter sealed troughing idlers on 4’ centers
  • Cema B 4” diameter sealed return idlers on 10’ centers
  • Adjustable manual raise/lower
  • Tires and wheels with heavy-duty axle assembly
  • 2-Ply 220 belting
  • 4’ skirted receiving hopper
  • Primed and painted with your choice of color
  • Belt Width of 18’’ to 60’’ in a wide range of lengths
  • Road portable or site stationary
  • Hood covers and belt scrapers
  • Cema C, D or E idlers
  • 3- or 4-ply belt
  • Power travel with or without remote control 
  • Power raise
  • Galvanized walkway

Standard Sizes
The following are our standard radial stacker sizes although we can customize each to fit your individual needs with a variety of radial stacker conveyor components and options:


18"x40' Radial Stacker 24"x50' Radial Stacker 24"x60' Radial Stacker 24"x80' Radial Stacker
24"x40' Radial Stacker 30"x50' Radial Stacker 30"x60' Radial Stacker 30"x80' Radial Stacker
30"x40' Radial Stacker 36"x50' Radial Stacker 36"x60' Radial Stacker 36"x80' Radial Stacker
36"x40' Radial Stacker   42"x60' Radial Stacker 42"x80' Radial Stacker
    48"x60' Radial Stacker  

24"x100' Radial Stacker 30"x100' Radial Stacker
36'x100' Radial Stacker
42"x100' Radial Stacker
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3 Phase Electric
Single Phase Electric

Power Travel
Hood Cover

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