Belt Feeders | Smalis Conveyors

Belt Feeders | Smalis Conveyors

Belt feeders are used to control material flow by discharging a consistent volume. Available as a screw conveyor or channel frame conveyor, Smalis belt feeders are designed to accommodate a wide variety of materials including sand, coal, aggregates, mulch and many others.

Our standard feeder hoppers are typically 8’ wide by 12’ or 15’ long, and have 30” or 36” belt feeders however, custom sizes are available.

Smalis is your custom-painting specialist! We offer painting services with several high performance coatings, for all environments: Epoxy, Marine, Chemical Resistance, Galvanizing, and Stainless Steel. We can give your load or feed hopper any finish or color you may choose

Feeder ConveyorHopper with Feeder ConveyorSwiveling Load Hopper with Radial Stacker
Load Hopper with Inclined Feeder ConveyorLow Profile Hopper with Feeder Conveyor

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